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Welcome to our hologram fan product page!

3D HoloSPiN South Africa - 3d holospin hologram fan displays different product categories and sizes south africa

We offer a wide range of 3D hologram fans to fit your needs. From our Mini 3D Hologram Display Series through to our large synced HoloWALL, We have a hologram fan that will fit your needs!

We offer both purchase and hire options for our hologram fans throughout all regions of South Africa. We facilitate the entire process for you, from hologram fan rollout to technical setup all around South Africa. We also offer hologram video content creation services to help you create a seamless and impactful display.

As part of Afriten Technologies, our sister company with over 15 years of experience in the innovative AV technology supply and rental business in South Africa, you can trust that we are a reputable and reliable technology company. We carefully select only the best quality holofans from reputable overseas suppliers, and offer complete after sales support and service, as well as a 12 month warranty*. Rest assured that you are in good hands with 3D HoloSPiN.

Scroll down to learn more about the different categories and sizes we offer, and find the perfect 3D hologram LED fan for your office, retail shop, upcoming event or exhibition stand.


3D Hologram fans are available for hire, rental, and purchase in South Africa

MODEL name and SIZES
Mini DESKTOP 3D Hologram Display Series

The smallest hologram fan, perfect for desktop use and comes with a plastic cover.

  • Holo32 – 32cm diameter hologram fan with a plastic cover.
Standard Sizes 3D Hologram Display Series

Our most popular hologram fans, with sizes ranging from 56cm to 100cm. These hologram fans offer the best HD resolution and include features such as Live Streaming Projection Supported, Bluetooth for Audio, a Timing Function, and support for synced holofan walls.

  • Holo56 – 56cm diameter
  • Holo65 – 65cm diameter
  • Holo70 – 70cm diameter
  • Holo80 – 80cm diameter
  • Holo85 – 85cm diameter
  • Holo100 – 100cm diameter
Biggest Sizes 3D Hologram Display Series

Our Biggest Sizes 3D Hologram Display Series includes hologram fans with sizes ranging from 150cm to 180cm. These hologram fans feature 8 blades and the ability to sync as a Holowall, making them a cost-effective and convenient option for larger displays. The benefit of using a larger size hologram fan is that it is easier and cheaper to use one larger fan instead of multiple smaller ones to create the same size display.

  • Holo150 – 150cm diameter
  • Holo180 – 180cm diameter
HDMI Input 3D Hologram Display Series

Hologram fan series which now comes with realtime HDMI input capability, available in sizes from 100cm to 180cm.

  • Holo100HDMI – 100cm diameter
  • Holo150HDMI – 150cm diameter
  • Holo180HDMI – 180cm diameter
SYNCED HOLOWALL 3D Hologram Display Series

Our hologram fan wall system or synced HoloWALL, allows you to create a larger display by combining multiple smaller hologram fans, creating a seamless and impactful display. The available sizes for this category will depend on the number of smaller hologram fans that are combined to create the HoloWALL.

  • HoloWALL – Multiple “standard sizes hologram fan display series” put together to create a larger synced holoWALL